Thursday, September 11, 2008

What the World Eats (Food for Thought)

This is off topic, but I think a good subject to bring up. Did anyone see that fascinating photo essay called What the World Eats? It was getting some attention a few months ago. Basically what it is is a series of photos of families around the world, a picture with the family and with all the food they eat or buy in one week.

Most everyone worldwide eats way too much junk food (in my not very sweet or humble opinion).

Check it out.

I found this fascinating. The Mexican family eats well--lots of fruits and veggies with some meats and fish. Very little junk food.

Looks like the North Carolina family eats 90 percent junk food with maybe a couple of grapes. They also spend a ton of money. Ditto most of the families--there are some that eat plenty of "real" food, God made food (fruits, vegetables, meat, grain), but there are more of the Pepsi generation who eat man-made processed foods.

I really appreciate the picture of the African family--bags of staples (rice, wheat, whatever) with a few condiment/spices it looks like. Maybe a bit of mutton for a soup.

Come TS and HTF time, we'll all be eating more like the African family. And guess what?

I seriously doubt we'd have all the major chronic diseases we have now. Heart disease. Cancer. All the crap diseases come because we eat processed crap. Well, in my opinion that is. We'd have a lot more starvation/malnutrition probably, but that will wear down as we learn to live simply again. (Gads--a rosy-glasses survivalist. I can't fit into a stereotype no matter how hard I try.)

If we can eat like the Mexican family (first pix) AND the African family (second pix) with maybe a little meat/dairy thrown in by the hunter/goat-herder of the group, we'll be doing excellently in terms of maximum nutrition for foods eaten.

I'm sorry this isn't the complete series of photos--this has only a small sample of a much larger photo essay. But it is enough to start...

Just food for thought here. :)

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