Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quote from Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds

Charles has an interesting blog for April 2. Near to the last paragraph I found this:

Thus we have evidence that children prescribed powerful drugs for hyperactivity responded positively to a lifestyle stripped of sugar, junk food, TV and video games. Imagine the immense reduction in profits if drugs, sugary snacks, junk food, TV and video games were no longer "consumed" by American children. Cui bono indeed.

Ain't that the truth! That's why people need to turn off their TVs permanently. The TV was not created to entertain you or educate you. It was created to control you. It works extremely well, especially with a population crammed full of sugar, junk food and nasty drugs.

You might like the whole article, which you can find here. This blog never fails to provoke thought. And man, can that guy write!


Brigid said...

I was from the last generation of kids before computers were on every kids desk. We played outdoors until it was dark. If it was raining we built things on the floor of wood and sticks and legos. The sugar we ate was table sugar or honey, not high fructose corn syrup, and even then only in moderation and baked at home into cookies and cakes with no preservatives. Soda pop was a rare, very rare treat. We watched, perhaps, an hour or two of TV a week.

I don't remember a single "hyperactive" kid in any of my classes growing up.

The Road Less Traveled said...

we haven't had tv on in our home in over two years and what a difference it makes in our lives!!

I agree tv is used to control us and to indoctrinate us...

we too are changing the way we eat if we do sweets I try to make them from stratch...cutting out processed food and trying to make everything from stcratch.

little steps here but big changes.

great post!!