Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Advice from the Comments

This from MamaLiberty, a retired RN and herbalist (with a very cool webpage). She was commenting on FarmerMechanic's advice on using potato slices for eye burns. I want to thank everyone who leaves comments on the blog. That way we all learn. Thanks!

MamaLiberty said...
This might be very useful - will have to experiment with it myself - but the MOST important thing to do FIRST for any burn is to run cold water over it to reduce the temperature of the tissues. This stops the burning and tissue destruction and can make a significant difference to the eventual healing and scar formation.

Large burns cause serious dehydration and the body needs fluid replacement, so don't rely on home remedies alone for serious or large burns. IV fluids may means the difference between life and death.I'm a retired RN, as well as herbalist and energy healer.

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Anonymous said...

I want to elaborate more on my "home remedy" and welding flash burns to the eyes. The symptoms are like more of a discomfort(making it difficult to sleep)not actual tissue burns. If anyone has a burn with blisters or serious tissue damage I would suggest seeing a healthcare provider.
Serious burns can lead to serious infections. I guess I should have made a disclaimer. My remedy is just to make myself comfortable through the night(which it does and saves a late night trip to the emergency room. If I had further symtoms the next day I would go to my regular physician.)I also agree totally with what Mamaliberty says.