Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something to Read and Consider

There is a very important article I just read. It synthesizes some of the things I've discussed in this blog. It is called The Lost History of Medicine and you can read it here. It talks about the germ theory of health (Pasteur and the allopaths) vs. the terrain theory of disease. It's very important to understand this information, important for your health and well-being. It is actually a book review and a good one (yes, I want the book! but I always want the book!). So take a few minutes when you can and read the article. It is the background you need in order to comprehend why nutrition and detoxifying is so important.

Mind you, the FDA, Big Pharma and Big Medicine thinks all this is tommyrot. Of course they're right, that's why huge numbers of people die every day under the treatment of their doctors.

Maybe I should point you again to Death by Medicine. That's another good read (but a scary one).


HermitJim said...

That article is a very good read...and makes me think I need to research this whole mthing a lot more...

Thanks so much for pointing it out to me!

jesmith said...

In the 19th Century physicians such as Pasteur, Fleming, Jenner etc. became fixated with the concept of bacteria and viruses, a concept, which dominates modern medicine with its preoccupation with antibiotics, antivirals and suppressant drugs.
Claude Bernard (1813-1878) disagreed strongly with Pasteur, who laid the blame for sickness on bacteria, stating that: -
“The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”
Thereby reiterating the importance of the concept of homeostasis, or maintaining balance within and without the individual.

According to certain sources * Louis Pasteur, on his deathbed, conceded that Claude Bernard was right.

* Marie Nonclerq 1982

John E Smith (author of '100 Herbs of Power')

Patricia said...

Hermit: you're welcome and do read more on it. It's that important.

jesmith: Thank you for that quote, which is right on the money!