Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Couple of Devastating Articles from NaturalNews

Whew. I just got done reading a couple of really informative articles from Natural News. If you are concerned at all about your well-being and health, then check these out. The first article is about how GlaxcoSmithKline hid the fact that its diabetes drug Avandia can lead to heart attacks and death. The FDA, of course, knew about this and DID NOT pull the drug from the market, even though its own scientists had recommended it. This one should scare you. Here's a quote from the article:

Do the math on this: if Avandia is linked to 83,000 heart attacks, and 50% of those are fatal (that's just an estimate) then Avandia could concievably be the cause of 40,000 deaths. The terrorists attacks of 911 killed roughly 3,000 Americans and yet just one drug that has been kept on the market by the FDA appears to have killed more than 10 times as many Americans as the terrorists.

My brother Terry is a type II diabetic. He is no longer insulin dependent because he eats right. When he got here we all went on an Atkins style diet--low carbs, high protein, high good fat (butter, olive oil). He still has to watch his blood sugar levels, but he lost a lot of weight and is far healthier today because he switched his diet. Cheap and effective, food as medicine. He could have been killed by BigPharma, but instead is healthy.

The second article is just as bad: Big Pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research articles, articles that were published in peer-reviewed, respected medical journals. This researcher, Dr. Scott Ruben managed to conceal his fraud for 13 years! And this guy is only one "researcher" for Big Pharma. There must be lots of them. And as Health Ranger Mike Adams says, how are we supposed to know the difference between a real scientific study and these made-up fake ones if they all appear in "peer-reviewed" and "respected" medical journals?

Now, I haven't trusted the American medical system for years and years. But I'm still shocked by these articles. I mean, I knew it was bad, fraudulent and fairly idiotic, the medical system in this country, but even so, these kinds of articles are devastating. What the hell are they talking about when they say "evidence-based medicine"? By evidence I guess they mean those "scientific studies" but now, just like the global warming frauds, we can't trust them an inch. Be careful out there folks. If your doctor wants you to take some pharmaceutical, then do some research on the web and find out all you can before you take the damn pill.


Mayberry said...

I've said it a hundred times (and I should know, I work amongst 'em), "scientists" and their "studies" are tweaked in favor of those who fund them. A large portion of "science" is pure fraud, designed around a predetermined outcome. I will not take their poison pills, and I haven't seen a doctor since 1995...

Mechanic in Illinois said...

Ditto to Mayberry,I'm with you all the way. Just read Kevin Trudeau's books on natural cures and you'll have a hard time going to any doctor. It's all about the all mighty dollar.

Patricia said...

Hey guys, thanks for stopping in. Big Pharma is amazingly corrupt. So are the "food" industries, Big Agra, major medical facilities, etc. Staying away from America's medical system could save your lives!

Anonymous said...

What ya'll said.
I take only the meds that are absolutely necessary, and get off them as soon as possible.
Don't care what the doctor says.
Aspirin works pretty darn good for me.
Gotta have surgery in a couple of days, am more worried about the drugs that will be used before/during/after surgery than the actual procedure itself.
Anna Mouse

Mechanic in Illinois said...

To Anna Mouse: I hope everything works out and we'll all be waiting to hear back from you.

Patricia said...

Anna Mouse: good luck and blessings on you during your surgery. I agree--the drugs used before, during and after ARE dangerous. But better surgery with them than without. I'm looking forward to the day when acupuncture and other non-invasive pain control methods can be freely used and common. Until then...