Saturday, January 7, 2012

Statin Drugs Linked to 300+ Adverse Health Problems

Good grief. And then there's this article discussing how statin drugs--you know, those cholesterol lowering miracles--are basically poisoning people. Americans really have to wise up. If they do not, or refuse to pay attention, they are bound to end up sick and diseased if not outright dead.

The importance of good nutrition and good basic health habits (you know the drill--exercise, good diet, sunshine, cheerfullness and positive thoughts) are increasingly important in this poor country where what's called food ISN'T and what's called "medicine" isn't either.

Seems like these megacorporations are out to kill you, with the help of the government in the form of the USDA and FDA to boot.

I better stop for today. These two blog posts are making me ill. Time for this one to head out into the glorious sunshine and take a walk through the woods and fields, or at least down one of our dusty ol' roads!

Take care, everyone, and be sure to eat REAL FOOD. Oh--and don't take statin drugs.



Patricia said...

Hey Sunni,

Yeah, I know. But thanks for mentioning it and coming in to check...

Anonymous said...

Lipitor just lost its protected status a couple months ago and unfortunately now that it is available in a (relatively) cheap generic form, a lot more people are probably going to start taking it :(