Monday, December 15, 2008

Make Your Own Natural Antibiotic

Earth Clinic, the folk remedy center, has an interesting recipe for a natural antibiotic. It calls for horseradish (fresh), garlic, ginger, 10 or 11 habanero peppers, strong, hot white onions, and apple cider vinegar. While it calls for one cup of each of the ingredients, it also only says to use 2 cloves of garlic. I think he meant two heads of garlic or two bulbs (each with a bunch of cloves on it). Must be, if you are going to end up with a cup of garlic. At any rate, check out the recipe here. I think this antibiotic sauce would be quite potent and would definitely kick ass.


TEAM HALL said...

Kick ass is definitely an understatement! I'm betting that stuff would even grow all sorts of weird places! lol

Patricia said...

I agree--10 habaneros is enough to set your head on fire. :)

Lynn said...

Geezzz... who could stomach that? Might make you do a fast internal cleanse I guess.

Gil said...

where can I find the exact recipe. Thanks

Gil said...

Trying another tonic which apparently declogs your veins and arteries

30 cloves of garlic peeled - (2 heads)
3 large lemon (bio-not treated or sprayed)
1 litre of filtered clean water.

Put garlic in blender - liquidizer and then into a cooking pot.
Liquidize the 3 lemons including skins, then add to the pot.
Add the 1 litre of water and bring to boil -once only.
Pass thru a sieve and bottle the juice or alternatively just bottle all.
One liquer glass a day before or after meal for 3 weeks. Stop for 1 week and then again for 3 weeks.
Test your cholesterol and blood pressure and see how that has worked.
Chewing some fresh parsley removes any bad garlic mouth odours.