Monday, December 22, 2008

Something REALLY Useful--for the Ladies

Wow. Oh wow oh wow oh wow. Although I have trained myself diligently to NOT want things, I'm afraid I would love one of these. Oh yes I would.

I was reading along in a Countryside & Small Stock Journal, a very cool homesteading magazine, and an ad caught my eye. There's an attractive woman wearing overalls holding this lavender plastic thing in her hands. Yes, it's the pStyle.

The text to the add reads:
  • Pee standing up while fully clothed
  • Eliminates the need for t.p.
  • Reuseable & simple to clean
  • Comes in six fun colors

"Such a wonderful product. It worked with zero leaks the first time. I ordered them for my friends, each of my sisters, and my aunt. It's going to replace diamonds as a girl's best friend!"--Anne

What busy outdoors woman hasn't wanted to pee standing up and fully clothed? How many times in the garden did I have to head for the bushes to do the ol' squat and piss? I don't bother counting, tell you that. This thing sounds like a GREAT product.

The website given says, but for once, google didn't come through for me. However I did find a place called Krista's Cups, and she sells both the pStyle and Diva Cups (a menstrual cup). The pStyle is $12, a case for it is $14 or you can order pStyle and case for $22 or 2 pStyles for $20. There's also a list of retailers in certain states. (There's even a pix of a woman using it, standing up and fully clothed!)

These days we're poor. So rather than buying something, I think I'll just make one. I'll cut up a plastic water bottle probably and see if I can get the shape of the pStyle. My bet is that would work, maybe not quite as nicely, or certainly not in purple or pink, but it would function as needed. I've often thought of making a funnel kind of thing, but really squatting and pissing isn't a big deal. Yet. As I age or my knees get all achy, it may become a problem. Soooooo..... off to the "Make It Do" labs to see what I can come up with.

Onwards, HM


Bustednuckles said...

Well ya didn't actually give a link to the site but copy and paste is my friend.

I can see where this would be an awesome thing to have if yer a female, especially this time of year when it is colder than a well diggers ass.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am not overly bashful and yes, the world is my toilet.

I know I wouldn't want to have to drop my drawers and worry about pissing all over my ankles and freezing my narrow butt off just to take a pee break.
This thing is a great idea and I agree that you should be able to come up with a workable facsimile.
Good luck and a great find.

Patricia said...

Hey Busted--do you know what would cut through the rather thick plastic of a bottle of soy sauce, say?

It is *very* cold out. Would have to pee outdoors these days....

Patricia said...

Um...that's hate to pee outdoors these days...

Bustednuckles said...

Because of the curves involved, I would try using a hand powered jig saw and then sandpaper to smooth the edges. Good luck!

Patricia said...

Handpowered jig saw--OK, gotcha. I'll see if one of the guys around here has one, because I don't think we do. Thank you!