Monday, December 1, 2008

On Comments

Most bloggers I know value their readers' comments. I want to thank everyone who has commented, whether in praise or in criticism. Constructive criticism is absolutely necessary, and I value it. As a writer and editor, I know what it is to be on both sides--as a writer, and as an editor. For a brief time I wrote a weekly 500 word column and had the best editor in the world: Claire Wolfe, the libertarian writer. Man, she could tear up something I'd written and with a few choice words, have me busily re-writing the damn thing over and over again. But it helped me immensely and I'm grateful for that. I regard readers' comments the same way: one of the best ways to improve a product is to listen to the customers.

Readers are customers here, and this product, Handmaiden's Kitchen, can and will be improved by what you have to tell me. What to see different kinds of posts? Let me know. Want to tell me I'm an idiot for some reason or another? Feel free. I might or might not agree with any particular form of idiocy I reveal, but I'll relish your wit in pointing it out if that's the case. Flames can be fun too, as I'm not extremely thin-skinned (can't hang around with the Gruff Lord and be thin-skinned... :)

If you find things interesting, or blah, or hey, what about ??? Drop me a comment and we'll take it from there. Thanks for checking in here. Tis appreciated.


DeafnSmart said...

I enjoy your blog. I will admit that at times I feel intimidated, however, at the wealth of knowledge you have about weeds and such. Your posting regarding the book; Home Remedies from Amish Country- sounds like the kind of book I've been looking for. Thanks!

Patricia said...

It is a good book for home remedies--I know the Amish use them all the time. Useful to know that stuff! Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Wait a tick... Claire Wolfe was your editor ? Whoa!

I'm happy with your posts don't change a thing.

Patricia said...

Hey Greenville,

Yep. We were online editor (Claire) and writers (me and others) for a thing called only lasted a month or so, but it was good money and lots of fun (and hard work--Claire insisted on top notch writing) while it lasted.

ok-ok said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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