Friday, January 15, 2010

Planting by the Signs

I've got a question for you all out there. Does anyone out there and reading this blog know anything about planting by the moon signs, i.e., whether the moon is waxing toward full or waning toward new moon. Or planting such and such when the moon is in Cancer or Taurus, etc. Foxfire 1 has a fascinating article on it (which I'll share excerpts from one of these days), and I'm thinking I want to plant our garden by the signs this summer, see if this stuff works.

You see, the moon goes through a bunch of moon signs every month--hell, maybe all of them for all I know right now. As you can probably tell, I'm about to research this in depth, but haven't done so yet. And I'm curious. Some of the mountain folk in Foxfire swore by it, others say it is old wives tales. It'd be interesting to know if it does work, because if it does, it sure could improve garden productivity and yield. Anyway, any of you have any experience with this?

I'll try to post the Foxfire info tomorrow to let you all know a bit more about what I'm talking about. Thanks!


daddynewton said...

i plant by the signs most of the time. get you a farmers almanac, there are couple of different kinds. they will have the dates for planting particular crops.

Anonymous said...

Mama up on the mountain does all her planting by the moon signs. She has the most amazing yield every year. She usually gives me an almanac...even tho I can't plant any more. Ina plants by the signs too whenever she can. Mama is the same age as me and she has been doing the planting this way all of her life.......

Maria said...

I don't know any more than you do but would love to learn more!

Patricia said...

Hey daddynewton, I'm planning on getting an almanac so I can tell what the signs are; waxing and waning I can pretty much see every night. I'm curious!

Thanks, Charli. We'll talk more about it and I'll post the foxfire stuff.

Maria: we'll all learn more as we go. It'll be fascinating to see how this works...stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

If you get your hair cut when the Sign is in the will grow faster. If you get a permanent for body or curly hair when the sign is in the will take better. There are signs to stop smoking, go on a diet, make life changes, conduct financial business and these are all handed down through the generations and in the Farmer's Almanac.

Anita Hartmann said...

Hi there, Just found your site. I was looking for information re: planting by signs - related to body parts. I just moved to Florida and have a LOT to learn about gardening here. I kept driving by a house where the garden was huge and gorgeous. I stopped by to meet the owner. The gentleman told me it was his first year of gardening and he was learning from his sisters. They were all gardening according to signs and swore by it wholeheartedly! I will be following the signs for all of my gardening. For example, when you plant with "the bowels" your garden will be overrun by insects. I am struggling w/ aphids! Thanks for this site!