Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tumeric for Allergy/Sinus + Health Drink

A while back I posted on Earth Clinic's January newsletter. In that, there was a lady who said that a daily dose or two of tumeric in water helped cure her awful sinus problem, which lead in her case to migraine headaches. Since I'm prone to both awful sinus issues as well as migraines, I started using the tumeric in water. But I was already taking a "health drink" so I added the tumeric to is. Here's what I take: In a glass of water, 6-8 oz, I add 2 T of apple cider vinegar, a tsp of brewer's yeast, tsp of diatomaceous earth, and a heaping tsp of psyllium husks. To that I now add a tsp of tumeric and a drop or two of Iosol Iodine (an iodine nutritional supplement).

Since I've added the tumeric, my sinus problem--nasty post nasal drip, tickly throat, massive buildup of phlegm in my system, etc.--has cleared up. For the most part. I still get the sniffles and have to blow my nose, but that is not a problem. Very interesting, and what a blessing! That allergy/sinus thing was driving me nuts.

So, if you've got some nagging physical problem, you might want to check up on it at Earth Clinic and see if there is some simple, inexpensive already-in-your-kitchen spice or herb you could use. In all my reading there, I've seen very little that could harm you, and quite a bit that could help!

Keep in mind that this is not medical advice. This is just kitchen advice. :) Even though we have the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, the FDA feels competent to regulate speech that might interfere with the profits made by Big Pharma and Big Medicine. The FDA has not approved of this message, and probably won't in our lifetimes.


Anonymous said...

go get 'em!

vlad said...

At breakfast and bedtime I drink
a spice cocktail of one teaspoon each cayenne and cinnamon in filtered water. I will add half teaspoon turmeric to both.

Mary said...

Yes, tumeric rocks. Mi cunksi and I got that darn swine flu and it is the only thing that finally got us better.

Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

That does sound like a very good way of solving the situation.
Natural ingredients are the way to go .
Thanks for the information.

Wretha said...

I love turmeric, to get really good benefits from it, try getting the turmeric extract in pill form, make sure it has 95% curcumin (that's the medicinal/active ingredient), my hubby and I take 500 mg a day, remember that in the spice you are only getting about 5% of the active/medicinal part, so do you do the math, you'd need a LOT of the spice to equal what you would get in the extract form. I also add turmeric spice to as many dishes as I can, it adds a great golden yellow color, remember that this is fat soluble so it is utilized best in your body if you ingest it with some sort of fat.

Thanks for spreading the work about turmeric, it's a great spice/medicine.


you might want to delete one of the comments, the one written in Asian, of course one word is coming through in English... LOL

Heidi said...

I sometimes get the roots in my market, try growing your own.

Frank Mills said...

Turmeric has a lot of medicinal values. It is not only a health and energy drink it is also taken as a drink to pacify a patient who has just underwent a shock.

Kaye said...

Gosh it is so good to see that the tumeric works so well. I agree that natural remedies are the best. I hate taking medications and only do so at all costs.

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Jen said...

Searching for info about curing PND, I found this, and providentially, I had all the ingredients at hand, so that was my health drink just now! Fingers crossed that it works! Will update :)