Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Couple of Good Articles

There's some interesting articles on a couple of blogs this morning. The first is an article on chiles--our good friends the hot peppers--at The article tells you how to spice up your stored foods by using chiles and other spices. Check it out--it is the first article called War, Gardening and Cooking for Bad Times, by Elizabeth B. If you are reading this days later, just scroll down Survival Blog to find it, or look at November 6th.

A while ago I mentioned why people get sick when they do, that they get too toxic, and then their immunity can't handle the flu or cold bug and they get sick. Well, this article at Bob Livingson's blog describes the process in clear, precise terms. An excellent article and if you are interested in health, read it. Good elimination of waste is essential to health--if you have waste left in your colon, the toxins will seep into your bloodstream.

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