Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a Mullein!

(Picture from the Plant Conservation Alliance Least Wanted list.)

I scored today! This isn't a picture of the huge mullein we found today, but it is a good representation. The mullein I found is about 9-10 feet tall, with similar leaf configuration as this one to the left, but the flower stalk is at least 3 feet in itself.

We had to take the trash to the local dump today and I saw this huge fellow a little ways away. I asked the lady standing guard at the dump if I could dig up the plant. "What plant," sez she. "That big weed over there," sez me. She didn't have a problem with it, so I went over to the mullein, wrestled it a bit, and got it out root and all with my trusty shovel.

Mullein leaves are good for coughs and congestion, taken as a tea, or smoked. The roots are flowers are also used for teas, and mullein oil is antibacterial. The plant I found is past the flowering stage--in fact, I was surprised to see it at all. Mullein is past its season here and has all died back. But the one we found is hale and hearty, lovely and huge.

More on mullein later.



MeadowLark said...

Interesting. We have a couple near the house and there are a ton in a local field. I'd like to hear more.

WeBearArms -Kari said...

Awesome score!
We found three in a corner of our backyard growing a couple weeks back where we'd done some leveling earlier in the summer.. Had to explain my excitement to my husband lol.
Mullein was a staple in my mothers medicine chest she had asthma and would use it a lot in the winter.

Anonymous said...

Just got in from walking the dogs & I found one too! I jumped on HM to share it with you & I couldn't believe a huge Mullien right before my eyes as your last post! lol
I'm so happy because a few feet away I found a tiny fresh lambs quarter, only enough to go with breakfast, but what a treat!
Abundance is always all around us, we just have to reach out & engage!Ra

Patricia said...

meadowlark: Just posted a bit on uses for mullein. I haven't used it much myself yet--not prone to colds. I'll be trying a cup or two today.

webeararms-kari: Yes! It is reputed to be good for asthma. I'm going to try smoking a mullein cig just to see what it is like.

Ra: I was so hungry for lambquarters that I got some out of the freezer. Delicious in the chicken/garlic broth I was making.

Wayne said...

I harvested two mullien plants this fall. I loosen the soil around them so I could get most of the roots too. I dried the leaves for tea. I scaped the stalks clean. I fashioned a cane out of the one stalk and a staff out of the other.The cane is very sturdy and fits into my hand well.I feel that the mullien was happy to be put to good use. There is something that wants to be done with the core of the stalk. It seems that it should be very good for something.Anyone ever hear of using the core of the stalk of the mullien plant for.....anything?