Monday, November 3, 2008

The Election

My consent to this government has been withdrawn. I will not be voting on Tuesday.

If the people in the government will not abide by the Constitution they swore an oath on the Bible to uphold, then all bets are off. If the people in the government will not abide by the law, then my contract with the government is severed, cancelled, null and void.

Does anyone seriously think that I will consent to my own enslavement? Hell no. My consent is withdrawn.

The American government has been sliding into tyranny most of my lifetime, but I have seen nothing--NOTHING--like the last 8 years for unconstitutional Nazi laws and behavior. Just call Bush the FUBAR president and stick a fork in it.

I don't care which Flash Bazbo* goon gets elected: Neither are worthy, each is clone to the other, both are evil choices, and there will be evil results either way.

Enough said.

*Flash Bazbo is the guy you really, really, really don't want courting your daughter. :) Stolen from Ed Parker, a true wit.


Anonymous said...

Are you still picking dandelion green and are they still good?

Charli said...

I voted but not for either of the goons they picked......I voted for Chuck Baldwin, he is the one that Ron Paul gave his ok is all irrelavant anyway.......we don't put the prez in office..the elect. college happened once before, the popular guy didn't get it, the elect. college put the other guy in. My memory is too old and foggy, I don't remember who it was but it has happened before, could happen again........maybe..........

Patricia said...

Anon. Yes, the dandelion greens are still good. The yellow dock is now too bitter. We had dandy greens and peanut noodles the other day.

Charli: Chuck Baldwin is good, but I just couldn't say yes to the pretense of political representation anymore.